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Environmental Impairment Liability

Our broad risk appetite, generous global capacity and exceptional staff with local experience and authority give us the edge in finding solutions to complex insurance risks. 

Identifying risks - our strong suit

We have the technical know-how and industry experience to pinpoint pollution risks and identify emerging environmental exposures – both hidden and apparent.

Personalised policies

After years of covering complex environmental risks, we know how to design a policy that comprehensively protects your business. 

Specialist post-incident support 

Our cleanup, legal defence and crisis management specialists know what to do after an environmental incident, and they’re poised to help.

The financial and business interruption implications following an environmental incident can be substantial, especially when the event generates significant publicity. Tough legislation, media attention and keen community awareness, along with the possibility of delayed ‘long-tail’ claims, make businesses of all kinds increasingly vulnerable either as the cause of the pollution or as the victim of natural disaster.

With Liberty, the policy is only a part of the deal. Liberty‘s underwriters and risk managers are well versed in dealing with the technical issues of complex risks and work side-by-side with brokers and clients to identify potential risks and suggest appropriate products. Our claims team works closely with clients to achieve a fair, timely and effective resolution of claims.

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